1. Where is Proclamation Ministries located?

Proclamation Ministries is registered in the State of Delaware as a non-profit religious organization with its office located in Newark, Delaware.

2. What is the ministry focus of Proclamation Ministries?

As stated in our mission statement, Proclamation Ministries is an evangelistic organization committed to presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to people everywhere and equipping believers for Christian service through sound and balanced expository preaching. We seek to accomplish these objectives through evangelistic events, Bible conferences, seminars, and other educational workshops.

3. Does Proclamation Ministries partner with ministries overseas?

Yes. Proclamation Ministries seeks to achieve its ministry objectives by partnering with ministries overseas that are aligned with the vision and mission of Proclamation Ministries. As the Lord enables us, we provide financial support to nationals for the furtherance of the gospel.

4. How can I book Dr. Abraham Philip to speak at my event?

To invite Dr. Abraham Philip to speak at your church or an event, please follow the link under “Ministries” and completely fill out the form. This is the easiest way to submit your request. Alternatively, you may contact us by e-mail or write to us at the address given on “Contact” page.

5. What is Proclamation Ministries’ church affiliation?

Proclamation Ministries is not officially affiliated with any particular denomination. Dr. Philip is ordained by the General Council of the Assemblies of God, Springfield, Missouri. He and his family attend Parkview Assembly of God, Newark, Delaware.

6. How do I get on Proclamation Ministries’ mailing list?

You can get on our mailing list by contacting us by e-mail or writing to us. Please go to the “Contact Page” and submit your request to be added to our mailing list.

7. How is Proclamation Ministries funded?

Proclamation Ministries is primarily funded by the sacrificial contributions of individuals. Dr. Philip received no compensation from the Ministry for his time invested in the ministry.

8. How do I support Proclamation Ministries?

You can support Proclamation Ministries by following this link—Supporting Proclamation Ministries.

9. Is my financial contribution tax-deductible?

Yes. Proclamation Ministries is approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax-exempt organization under section 501 (c) 3.

10. What is the background of Dr. Abraham Philip?

See above.